Investment Opportunities in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas real estate is on sale and now is the time to buy.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  • The Las Vegas Real Estate market is affordable and can return a  positive cash flow depending on the down payment and or cash.
  •  Las Vegas prices are so affordable  and have dropped to a level that we will not see any significant statistical reductions moving forward.
  • Our rental market is extremely robust; the average investment property is rented quickly within a couple of weeks in most cases, due to the significant number of people who have lost their homes via foreclosures and or short sales and must turn to rentals.
  • Depending on the home price, a builder cannot buy raw land today and build a house for what many homes are selling for in our local market – replacement costs for Las Vegas real estate exceed the prices today.
  • We are running out of land for building homes. There is only 35K acres of land that can be developed in the Las Vegas Valley.  The rest is owned by the Federal Government and/or the Bureau of Land Management.  10% of Nevada is privately owned.
  • Nevada is projected to grow approximately 49% by the year 2028, expanding by another 1.3 million people during this time period, while the US as a whole will grow by 22% - the majority of this growth will occur with Las Vegas real estate – now is the time to buy.